Azad Foundation is an NGO based worldwide that works to improve the lives of the most underprivileged and disadvantaged people through programs that address:

  • Education
  • Imparting Training which empowers an individual to earn his/her livelihood 
  • Environment 
  • Health and Drug Abuse. and many more issues.

Registered in 2019, Azad Foundation provides a platform for 50,000+ young people to connect with other socially aware individuals and effect real change in our neighborhoods and communities through our programs as volunteers


Shriram Dubey is a young Indian social worker, entrepreneur, and a journalist. He dedicated his time
and effort to providing an enduring platform for a network of community change only growing wider
and stronger day by day.
President, Azad Foundation, Peace Ambassador at Kaafila Foundation, Legal Advisor at JeevanJyoti

Chairperson of United Social Services Commission India. Masters in Psychology and Philosophy from IGNOU.

Volunteer at United Nations, Commission on Education and Communication Member at International Union for Conservation of Nature.

As a responsible leader, he is able to tap individual skill, and merge these with the goals of the organization, ensuring that it is democratic and decentralized in its nature and form. Despite the challenges he has faced reject scholarships and
opportunities and dedicated his career to serving the community. Dubey has succeeded in creating many
young leaders who carry forward the work of social transformation and motivate others through Azad Foundation.

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