Azad Foundation is operating in Europe, Russia,Central Asia, and South-East Asia

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“At Azad Foundation, our vision is to build an inclusive India by pioneering a holistic model to address our nation’s multifaceted development challenges, and contribute to its collective aspirations. Central to our Philosophy is the commitment to enhance the quality of life of people from marginalized and vulnerable communities, by empowering them and catalyzing change through innovative and sustainable solutions. Our steadfast endeavor is to create replicable and scalable models of development through an integrated approach in the true Azad spirit of maximizing societal value for all, and making it a movement.” The Vision of Azad Foundation “is the emergence of an equitable society of small communities where all those deprived of basic human rights, especially women, Dalits and minorities, here with dignity, a society that is vibrant with the consciousness of both rides and duties, free from violence and committed to ecofriendly development”. The Mission of Azad Foundation “is to Promote a right based, gendered and eco sustainable approach that will advance people – Centered Governance, Livelihood and Management of natural resources”.



It is being understood that education is the crux element in every individual. No  person can sustain in today component scenario any longer if he is illiterate.


Azad Foundation aims at providing health facilities through health check up camps, blood donation camps, and appropriate information regarding contagious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and many other diseases.


Azad Foundation constantly keeps working upon conducting skilled development programs to provide better life to every individual


Azad Foundation keeps working and volunteering for programs like Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, Rain Water Harvesting, Plantation, Seed Ball making etc. to keep our environment clean and healthy.


Azad Foundation is also working in various social activities like free blood donation
camp, free health check-up camps, Awareness programs like vaccination for child
health, education for all, women empowerment, cloth and food distribution at old age
homes and orphanage and activities to literate Government Schemes.
Since its inception, the Azad Foundation have played a pioneering role in
transforming traditional ideas of charity and introducing the concept of philanthropy
to make a real difference to communities.


Reach the Underprivillage


Transform Lives


Connect With Youth


  • Natural Resource Management
  • Education
  • Health
  • Livelihoods
  • Civil Society Strengthening
  • Media, Arts, Crafts and Culture
  • Institution Library
  • Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Innovation

The Foundation engages with competent Individuals and Government Bodies, International Agencies and like-minded private sector organizations to nurture a self-sustaining ecosystem that collectively works across all these
areas. Azad Foundation is also contributing a large role in cleaning the local forest, a forestation, cleaning the river and river banks, maintaining cleanliness on hill stations, picnic spots, spreading awareness about rainwater harvesting among
locals, encouraging tree plantation on the river banks and educating local farmers about type of irrigation and farming.
Azad Foundation has registered with GOOGLE FOR NON PROFIT PROGRAMME in order to:

  1. Enable its team member, students to
  2. Collaborate, Iterate and Innovate together, from anywhere, in real time, with cloud-based productivity suite
  3.  G Suite for non-profit
  4. To boost society non-profit funding with supporters around the world
  5. Bring society non-profit’s story to life.


The Foundation’s core values of Knowledge, Action, Care and Impact, Guide the Organization in carrying out its responsibilities towards society.
Azad Foundation believes that considerable positive change can occur when we collaborate with like mind partners and nurture projects that are scalable,
ensuring a long-term impact. The Foundation is focused on universal Primary Education, Empowering Women, Democratizing Healthcare and Improving Access to Safe Drinking Water.

Azad Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization that develops innovative solutions to resolve issues that are critical roadblocks towards unlocking India’s economic potential.The Foundation believes that bringing impact at scale across diverse geographies and communities can be achieved through partnership with Governments (Public-Private-Partnership Model) and like-minded organizations. Therefore, all of its projects are in conjunction with state and central governments, like-minded philanthropists, corporate, donors, NGOs and social delivery organizations.

Azad Foundation is committed towards improving primary healthcare & nutrition, education leadership, women & youth empowerment and enabling access to
safe drinking water. Azad Foundation is an innovative learning organization created to improve the quality of education in India. 

As one of the largest Non Governmental Organization in the country, Azad Foundation focuses on high quality, low cost and replicable interventions to address gaps in the education system.

We believe that unless members of the Civil Society are involved proactively in the process of Development, Sustainable change will not happen. Following this modelof Civil Society, making it an active partner in all it Welfare Initiatives.

Azad Foundation has been working in India, focusing on ending poverty and social injustice. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programs in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. Our overall goal is the empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalized communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.


Shriram Dubey "Azad"
Founder, President, CEO
Azad Foundation

Jyoti Dubey "Azad"
Azad Foundation

Shabir Ahmad Bhat
District Cordinator (Anantnag) Jammu & Kashmir

Mohammed Lateef Bhat
District Coordinator (Kulgam)
Jammu & Kashmir

S. Latha
National Coordinator
Southern Zone

Saima Manzoor
Block Coordinator
Jammu & Kahmir

State Representative

Naiya Poonamben District Coordinator (Jamnagar) Gujrat

Bharti Bhatt State Representative Uttarakhand

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